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NACHI bearings

With over 50 years experience in the manufacture of bearings and engineering tools, NACHI is respected world-wide for its superior products and its ability to meet industry's changing demands for higher accuracy, higher rotational speeds and greater reliability. As the leader in a fast changing market, NACHI is continually challenging the technological frontier with its creative research, technology and product development.

NACHI bearings are precision manufactured in their totally automated and fully integrated bearing plant. Full integration allows NACHI a quality start with the advanced bearing steel which is produced in their own steel mills to their own rigid specification. NACHI's unique steel mill process features low deviation of constituent, fine macro-composition and extreme cleanliness. NACHI ultra clean bearing steel is much cleaner than the SAE52100 steel normally found in the marketplace. NACHI bearing steel has an oxygen content lower than 10 ppm.

NACHI employs only the most stringent standards for the quality control and final inspection. For example, a super precision roundness measuring device, known as "TALLYROUND" equipment, guarantees a 0.1 micron (micron: one millionth of a metre) measurement of both the dimensional tolerance and running accuracy.

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